Abbeville Dentistry Lubbock South – Michelle Cano

I love coming here. Yesterday I thought I had an appointment and did not. I had scheduled somewhere else by mistake. I canceled at the other office. Abbeville was so kind and got me right away. Also, there is a lady that works there named Shella. I don’t even know how to explain it. Her smile was so kind that you can see the love of God shining through her. I was a little upset when I had booked my appointment incorrectly (and gotten up after only 4 hours sleep to make the appointment) but I don’t think you could be grumpy around her. When the world seems to be a little crazy, it’s nice to see people with genuine kindness in their eyes. Our only interaction was “hi how are you” or something along those lines but in that small interaction I felt a bit happier. So thank you Shella and all the people at Abbeville. God bless you all 😊

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