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    Abbeville Dentistry Amarillo 45th Avenue – Ashleigh

    Every dentist and I mean EVERY SINGLE ONE that I have ever been to has just numbed a little and practically ripped out a tooth and gave little care of my pain, discomfort, or my anxiety. They never cared that it hurt or when they would clamp down on my gum or nerve and just rip or break the tooth, leaving behind bone shards or roots that they said would cost extra to remove. One of the dentist had started to remove the wrong tooth and then said he was just going to have to charge me extra because it was too far out to just leave it and he had cracked it when removing it so it would just have to go anyways I would always be in pain afterwards and it would last days to weeks. So now that you know all of this, I don’t normally have a high opinion of dentists and have never had a good experience leaving me riddled with anxiety and constantly putting off my dental care because I would rather deal with teeth pain than have someone just willy nilly rip out my teeth and hurt me and then charge me hundreds of dollars, then charge me extra for their mistakes. This time though! My dentist was amazing. I had three teeth removed and she took her time. She numbed me and gave plenty of time for it to settle in and gently removed each tooth with care and precision. Any time I got anxious or felt and discomfort, she immediately stopped and asked me how I was doing and numbed me more and gave me time to calm down before coming back with a gentler hand. Even when one of the teeth broke, she paused to ask how I was doing and let me know that she was going to make sure she got everything out. They double checked with an x-ray to make sure everything was removed. I’ve never had a better experience. I will always go back to her in the future and always ask that I only see her. She was amazing. I got into the car with my friend and immediately told her if she needed any dental care to go in and have them take care of her. I was startled to wake up today and not feel any pain in my jaw from the removals and decided that I needed to leave a review so people can know that there are good dentists out there that will care for them and not destroy their mouths. I’m still anxious about coming in for a cleaning but I know that I will be well taken care of by their team. 11/10 would go back!!

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